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This content originally appeared in the 2013 session of the MADE art ecourse.  In Scripture Excavation, we investigate how to combine Bible study with art journaling using a method that I call scripture excavation. I enjoy using scripture as a both literal and figurative foundation for my art creations, and we'll be doing both of these things as we learn about scripture excavation and I demonstrate the inductive Bible study method. You are welcome to follow this method to whatever degree works for you – I tend to be more informal, but you can be more true to the method or use it as more of a springboard. This workshop is what you make of it. Take what you need, and leave the rest.

This content originally appeared in the 2013 session of the MADE art ecourse.  In Building a Sacred Temple we investigate health. And while this may seem like an odd topic for a creativity course, I feel that it is essential. That, in fact, our creativity (not to mention our relationship with God and with others, not to mention our sense of security and well-being, and our joys and passions) are rooted in balancing the four facets of health that make us sacred temples for the Holy Spirit.



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Remembering Your Child: Ideas for Babylost Parents


Remembering Your Child cover
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What's inside:
  • a beautiful 26 page/1.21 MB eBook in PDF format made with love by me :)
  • 33 ideas of ways to honor and connect with your deceased child in the following categories:
    • on your own
    • with others
    • for others
    • from others
  • bunches of inspiring quotes on grief and healing
  • links to resources that help you to remember and honor your child


  1. Beth,

    Thank you so much for sharing your ebook. It is truly beautiful (as is everything I have read so far on your blog). What a wonderful resource for those of us who yearn for ways to honor our babies. It was a year, on July 18th, since I miscarried my Emma. I am beginning to reach out, to investigate this community of parents bonded by grief. I am even in the very early stages of starting my own blog (naming a blog is tough stuff). At any rate, thank you for sharing. May I pin your ebook to my loss/infertility board on pinterest?

    1. Yes, please do, Christina! Thank you! I'm so sorry about your sweet Emma (what a lovely name), but glad that you are beginning to find support in other babylost parents. And congrats on the blog! Naming IS tough stuff! This blog went through many different names before I just decided to use my own. I can never decide! ;)

  2. My baby's name was, Emma as well. Emma Grace. Thank you for reaching out and sharing.

  3. I lost my twin boys in July you post on still standing magazine really hit home for me. As a photographer I have been expressing myself through my art since my little guys passed away and have just started really working with composite pieces. My sons are represented as dragonflies in my pieces . anyways you're blog has really hit home for me, thank you for that <3


"I am glad you are here with me."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King